The University of Bolton

The University’s School of the Arts is a hub of contemporary creativity, and nowhere more so than in its Creative Writing department. Over the years, the university has been home to many successful writers, producers and directors who have studied and taught on its programmes, including critic and writer Jon Glover, contemporary poet Matthew Welton, and current Professor of Theatre, David Thacker.

From novels to TV scripts, timeless poetry to ground-breaking drama, the written word defines our culture and wider society. At Bolton, Creative Writing focuses on the needs of students, fostering creative thought and original practice. Students are encouraged to immerse themselves in writing wherever they may find it, from masterpieces past and present to blogs and advertising billboards, in order to develop their own craft. Bolton students deepen their love of language and discover their own creative voices.

The department boasts an in-house publication, The Bolton Review, edited by final year students, annual poetry and bi-annual fiction competitions, workshops from visiting writers, and a series of Live Literature events, held in conjunction with the English department, Bolton Library and Museum Services, and the internationally-renowned Octagon Theatre. In collaboration with the live literature organisation Wordlife, lecturer and poet Ben Wilkinson led on the development of this writing map for Bolton.

The department is always interested to hear from potential collaborators, as well as students interested in studying here. You can find out more information here.